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Volunteer Hours

ABS values giving back to the community and we work to instill this value in our students while also encouraging them to explore their career fields of interest and enrich the life of others.  For this reason, we require our students to complete 40 hours of community service  over the  course of four years as part of our high school graduation requirements.

In-School Hour Requirements:

  • Complete 20 hours on campus by joining clubs, organizations, or assisting in school-wide events.
  • Contact your HS counselor for more information and volunteer opportunities.


Out-of-School Hour Requirements and Procedure:

  • Complete 20 hours within the community
    • Seek approval for volunteer location from your counselor
    • Once volunteer hours are completed, fill out the Service-Learning Log form - Click Here
    • Obtain a signed letter in English detailing how you volunteered and the length of time
    • Submit filled out log and signed letter to j.spencer@abs.edu

Students are responsible for filling out the log sheet, including the questions at the bottom. A supervisor should sign the log sheet confirming the hours completed are accurate for each occasion you volunteer with them. 

The letter from your supervisor should:

  • be on official company letterhead
  • be in English
  • include the date of completion
  • include a description of services completed
  • include the total number of hours you volunteered 
  • be signed by a supervisor

Click on the links below to download forms.

Approved Volunteer Locations
ABS Service-Volunteer Log