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Placement Testing: SAT, IELTS, KU Aptitude Tests


Taking the SAT is a requirement for all of our Grade 11 students. It counts as a Quarter 4 grade in their Grade 11 College Seminar class. We advise our students to sign up for the SAT in the Spring of their Junior year to meet the requirement.

Grade 12 – we advise our seniors to take the SAT again in the Fall of their senior year, so that they are prepared for their college applications.

Information about SAT administration dates, and registration processes, can be found online below.College Board website


We advise all our Grade 12 students to sign up for the IELTS at the start of their senior year.

All students attending college outside of Kuwait, and most who decide to stay in Kuwait, will be required to submit IELTS scores as part of their applications.

Students may sign up for the IELTS at any center in Kuwait that offers them.

British Council – Kuwait

Students should plan to take the IELTS exam multiple times so that they ensure their score meets the university requirements. Each university has a different score requirement – but we advise all students to aim for at least a score of 6.5/7.0.

Seniors must submit their IELTS registrations details to their counselors in order to be excused from classes to take the exam.