Employment Information

Thank you for considering a career at ABS

We welcome certified teachers and administrators to send in application materials to us at hr@abs.edu.kw at any time throughout the calendar year.

Be sure to review the employment FAQ to ensure that ABS is the right fit for you, prior to sending in your application materials.

What Staff Say About Working at ABS

“Teaching at ABS allows strengthening of individual teaching skills as well as promoting collaboration within grade-level teams. This has allowed me to grow immensely as a teacher and develop my leadership skills. ABS is a school that strives for greatness and it is evident with the use of technology in each classroom, adapting to our students’ interests including the use of online assignments, and encouraging teacher creativity and hands-on assignments in the classroom. Our administration team is incredibly supportive, which makes for a comfortable work environment and enables teachers to take risks and explore new ideas. Working at ABS has been an eye-opening experience and continues to provide challenges to positively impact teaching instruction.”

Stacey Murakami – Elementary Teacher

“Teaching at ABS is an extremely rewarding experience here in Kuwait. I am very fortunate to work with an amazing team of teachers and administrators. My students rise to the challenge of inquiry based learning and are equipped with the ability to access technology and other resources to be successful second graders.”

Mary Williams – Elementary Teacher

“ABS provides both employees and its student’s limitless resources for professional development, cutting edge technology, and a growing archive of lesson plans. I appreciate the emphasis on STEM education at the earliest stages of learning. The KG administration has a fun, cheerful approach to incorporating this new technology in and outside of the classroom. ABS values its employees by providing global leaders to train employees on classroom management and whole brain teaching on a monthly basis. I have met some remarkable people while working at ABS and look forward to inviting more friends to join our faculty and staff.”

Suneeta Shannon – Kindergarten Teacher

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