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Housing for Overseas Faculty

All ABS Faculty Apartments are fully-furnished, and single-occupancy

The following items are provided in the Apartments

ABS housing is handed over to you on arrival clean and ready to move into. This same standard is expected on check-out.

Particular areas are listed below:

  1. The kitchen and bathroom thoroughly cleaned and odor free.
  2. Floors swept and mopped thoroughly.
  3. All bedding and towels laundered and folded neatly.
  4. All dishes and utensils must be cleaned and put away neatly in the cabinets.
  5. The washer and dryer must be clean on the exterior and interior.
  6. The stove and microwave are to be clean and be odor-free from food residue and grease.
  7. The refrigerator is to be clean inside and out and be odor-free.
  8. All bins are to be emptied and refuge removed from the apartment.
  9. The shower curtain is to be replaced with a new one.

An apartment cleaning fee (KD150 for Administrators & KD 60 for teachers) will be deducted from salary if your apartment does not meet the appropriate standard on check-out.