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Goals and Standards

ABS physical education program is built on a structured curriculum to provide students with developmentally appropriate learning opportunities with meaningful content and instruction. All students will develop their health-related fitness, physical competencies, cognitive understanding and further promote a positive attitude about physical activity. Ultimately, promoting a healthy and physically active lifestyle. 

ABS MS/HS physical education class purpose is to introduce our students to a variety of wellness related activities so that they have the ability to develop a physically active lifestyle for a lifetime. 

Content Goals for 2022-2023

  • With every phase of teaching this year it is important you emphasize the importance of choices.   

  • The choices our students make directly correlate to who our student becomes in their future. 

  • Stress the importance of physical fitness and how it leads to a better life. 

  • Frequently use HOT questions so students think about why we want our students to lead a healthy active lifestyle. 

  • Highlight the importance of remaining positive and to participate fully with each lesson- live workout with the teacher for 20 minutes. 

  • It is imperative we have our students do their best each and every day.  Encourage each student individually and as a whole class.   

  • Educate our students that by working hard in PE class and by exercising each day can correlate to achieving higher grades with MAP and other class scores.  

  • Counting steps on daily basis will motivate and keep all students active and to remain committed into Physical activities.