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After School activities and Clubs

At ABS we strive to ensure that our students have ample opportunity to participate in athletic activities. To ensure we achieve this goal, we have initiated after school activities where students can learn or train in a number of sports. All students are encouraged to participate and train with their dedicated PE teacher. In addition to helping the student have a healthy work-play lifestyle, the time spent will provide a solid grounding for football, basketball and more, that may lead to nomination to school teams! 

Through the after-school activities and clubs, students will be able to participate in intermural sporting activities organized by Kuwait Foreign Schools Activities Conference (KFSAK) for Elementary, as well as tournaments hosted by the United Schools Association of Kuwait (USAK) for Middle and High School. Becoming part of our school team is an achievement. With three tournament wins under our belt, we look forward to producing more ABS champions that will stand out from the rest of the teams within Kuwait. Learn more about the variety of great opportunities we offer below.