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Parent Referral Program

About Our Parent Referral Program?

Earn 200KD Tuition Credit For Each Child You Refer

The highest privilege our parents can give us is the referral of family or friends to our school. ABS would like to thank you for your dedication and support. We are proud to share our Parent Referral Policy which entitles you to tuition credit possibilities. Tuition will be credited 200KD for each new child that is referred to our school after Quarter 1 is completed. The deadline for a referral claim is within 4 weeks of Registration. The ABS family and new family will both receive the tuition credit.


What Do I Have To Do?

Pass on the name, along with some basic information about the family you are referring to the Registration/Accounting department who will take care of the rest!

This incentive program is a one-time credit for the ABS family and the new family. It is only valid for the first year the new family attends ABS. Any current ABS family that is past due on their tuition/fees will have their incentive applied towards any owed tuition/fee. Families who pay tuition in full, prior to the school year starting, will receive a check.

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