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Middle and High School

Here at The American Baccalaureate School (ABS) we offer an innovative and modern curriculum within Middle and High School based on global best practices structured within the US Common Core Curriculum. We aim to provide the best educational opportunities and experiences for our students ensuring that they have the skills, knowledge and personal qualities that will enable them to succeed in both their university of choice and in their chosen career path once they have graduated from High School.

In Middle School we strive to provide a rigorous and balanced program for students during the important years from leaving Elementary School and to entering High School. Middle School at ABS consists of Grades 6 through to Grade 8. The Middle School curriculum is strongly focused on securing and developing students’ core skills in English, Math, Science and Arabic. Students are also able to study Social Studies, Islamic Studies, Quran, Health and PE and a range of Information Technology courses.

As well as developing academic performance, we believe firmly in supporting the overall development of our students. Student are allocated a Homeroom when they arrive in Grade 6. A variety of Homeroom activities conducted throughout the year encourage students to develop wider skills of teamwork, leadership and empathy. Our Middle School Counselor leads an active Character Education Program to further enhance our students learning. We also encourage students to participate in the many athletic and academic extra-curricular offered during lunch time and after school.

Following Graduation at the end of Middle School, students are eligible to join High School. Our High School Department encompasses Grades 9 to 12.

Based on the standards within the Common Core Curriculum, the High School Department continues to focus on all students building on the strong foundations in the core academic subjects established during the Middle School years. The Core Curriculum is supported by a wide array of elective courses which allow students to focus their interests in preparation for future career paths as well as continue to explore and expand their interests. Elective Courses offered in High School include – French, Spanish, Coding, Networking, Journalism, Business and Drama.

To support the individual needs and aspirations of our students, we are proud to offer an increasing range of Advanced Placement Courses to students in Grades 11 and 12. Our current AP offer includes; Calculus, Technology, Language and Composition, Literature and Composition and Chemistry.

In High School Student Support continues to be our priority. Our experienced counseling team run a College Seminar Program throughout Grade 11 and 12. This program guides students through the university application process, helping students identify strengths and interests, then guiding families to discover universities which will be the best fit for students. The counselors also run an intensive mentoring program to ensure that students do not fall behind in their studies.

During High School our interest in developing the whole student an addition to academics continues. As part of our graduation requirement students are required to complete community service hours both in and out of school. Students represent school through a variety of activities including the Model United Nations, the National Honor Society and Green Ambassadors. We also run a diverse extra-curricular program including Sports, Drama, Technology and Arts.

We are committed to continually improving the skills of our team of teachers to help them to support our students. Prior to the start of each school year, teachers complete an intensive 2-week pre-service package covering topics such as; The Use of IT to support learning; Engaging and Active Learning and Literacy across the Curriculum. Pre-Service is supplemented by a monthly Professional Development Day as we look provide the best quality provision for our learners.

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