Elementary School

The ABS Elementary Department curriculum is derived from the United States Common Core Standards. These standards develop critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills that children regardless of race, culture and national boundaries will need to succeed in the twenty-first century.

The mission of the Elementary Department is to develop fundamental academic skills in the English language, develop physical and artistic expression, instill social responsibility and good citizenship as habits and cultivate a love of learning. The classroom environment provides experiences rich in: English language usage to develop vocabulary; routines and practice to build competency; and hands on activities to explore concepts and ideas.

Expectations for academic performance and behavior are high. Additionally, students are given various opportunities for leadership roles and are regularly recognized for their successes.

The Elementary Department recognizes that the process of educating children is most successful when parents and teachers communicate regularly and share a common goal. The Department strives to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for students. Additionally, the Department strives to infuse each school day with fun and a sense of joy that comes so naturally to children.

Alicia Szydlowski
Elementary Principal