Elementary School

Dear ABS Families,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. The elementary department looks forward to educating the children in our care while providing a secure and nurturing learning environment. We take pride in knowing that each child is unique, therefore, a wide variety of teaching techniques are used by our diverse staff to inspire all learners.

Through the use of an American curriculum, including U.S. Common Core Standards, as well as the standards of the Ministry of Education, we are pleased to offer our grade 1-5 students the opportunity for outstanding achievement in core subjects taught in English, while continuing to emphasize the importance of culture and values through Arabic and Islamic studies.

Arriving on time for the start of school and consistent full-day attendance are critical for all students at ABS. To be on the honor roll, your child will need to achieve academically and have 90% attendance for the year to date. Attendance = Scholarship and we need your family’s help with maintaining attendance as one of our educational expectations.

We have planned to further enhance the learning experience for students of all grade levels this year. All students will benefit from an important homeroom session each day; where students learn from our Character Education Program to model ways to make ethical decisions at all ages. Peer Mediation Training will be conducted for students to model successful learning habits, promote collaboration, and practice valuable, life-long social skills to avoid and resolve conflict between classmates.

Increased efforts have been put this year into enhancement of learning environments which help students to gain independence and study habits to rapidly acquire literacy, numeracy and inquiry skills.


IXL Math and ELA will be used again this year to improve numeracy skills. This will complement the continued use of the Raz Kids program in grades 1-2, to inspire reading enjoyment and improve literacy skills.

We will continue to teach and offer exciting STEM activities this year through Discovery Education: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics emphasis within the study

of sciences, math and language. We will offer the STEMgineers, a high interest, experiment-based club this year for STEM enthusiast students.

As part of a long term plan of technology integration, Grade 5 students utilizes Chromebooks and Google Classroom. This technology integration use will prepare students for middle and high school years as well as higher education.

More activities are planned throughout the year to develop student skills in the arts, music and fitness. Additional fun academic and active sports after school clubs will be offered for students.

We are working with a strong leadership team. Our team consists of Ms. Amal Al-Minawi, Senior Principal, as well as Vice Principal Lamees Alnagar, Curriculum Coordinator Karla Kalantar, Heads of Department Stacey Murakami and Daragh Meredith for ELA, Laila Yousef and Marian Samy for Math, Sahar Nabtiti for Science, Culea Abraham for Electives, Roxana Anisia for PE, Dean of Students Mahad Ahmed and Elementary Counselor Dima Khaddage.

There are many exciting events planned for the 2019-2020 academic year and we look forward to partnering with you.

I am honored to be the elementary principal and am dedicated to providing all students with a quality education.


Alicia Szydlowski
Elementary Principal