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Director's Welcome

Dear ABS Community,

ABS is incredibly excited about entering our 16th year. We are very happy and proud of the golden opportunities we have been able to offer our students, as we strive to find more ways to become even better. Since ABS was opened in 2006 we have seen many great changes and expanded significantly in all aspects such as academic, social and character education, athletics and art.

Professional activities have been incorporated into every field, and we put great emphasis upon building teachers’ skills to continue to develop their level of performance in the classroom which, in turn, gives students a wonderful learning environment full of engagement and meaningful work.

Throughout the school year, we are continuing to build on and refine our solid foundation by having even more extracurricular activities and advanced professional development workshops to encourage our students to become more involved with school life.

We are enjoying another very positive and productive year with our highly qualified professional educators who are committed to providing our students with the best education. Being in the Middle East region we face many challenges and yet we always ensure we find other supportive options that allow us to succeed and continue to enjoy great success.

At ABS, we highly value school/parent communication. It is extremely important to us and plays an important role in student success, so we always endeavor to work cooperatively and in parallel.

We welcome you to our professional learning community.

Best Regards,

Areej Ali Al Ghanim
General Director