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Educational accreditation is a status which shows the community that a school has met and is maintaining a high level of educational standards set by an accrediting agency, ensuring competency, credibility, and authority of the institution.

The American Baccalaureate School is accredited by the Kuwait Ministry of Education and Cognia (formerly AdvancED).  Cognia is a global network of educators that reviews and addresses the unique requirements for the following educational institutions: public and private schools; STEM schools; education corporations; and early learning, post-secondary, special purpose, and digital learning institutions. 

In our most recent review period in 2020, the Cognia Review Team (AER) met 85 of our school stakeholders and successfully re-certified the school.

We continue to challenge ourselves towards the next accreditation cycle.  Our focus for the 2023-2024 academic year is:   ​​​​​​


  1. To prepare ABS students for the 21st Century with innovative technological resources, tools, including the guided, applicable integration of Artificial Intelligence. 

  2. To enhance teaching skills and improve classroom instruction using ABS and Cognia professional development and training resources within the continuous improvement process.

  3. To identify effective instructional programs measured by data analysis of standardized and formative student assessments.


  1. To incorporate “STEM Connections” schoolwide, the seven eleot learning environments among G1-12 as focus areas within lessons.

  2. To standardize the Cognia eleot learning environment tool among teachers as a measure of student learning.

  3. To form a strategic resource plan which utilizes current materials for maximization of student curricular and extracurricular learning.