Employment Information


If you are interested in applying for a teaching or staff position at ABS you may send your Cover letter, CV and photos to:

Kuwait Fax: +965-2471-0777

US Fax: 243-269-6069

Email to: recruitment@abs.edu.kw

For Arabic and Islamic teachers only, mail to: arabic@abs.edu.kw


References from ABS

If you are an employer, and are interviewing a prospective applicant with ABS experience, kindly note that the HR office can be contacted at (+965) 2475 0333 - Ext.2212 to obtain an official employment reference and a copy of the employees’ most recent employee evaluation on record. All requests must be sent on school or company letterhead stating the applicant name, and dates of employment at ABS. ABS issues employment reference letters only from the office of the school director. Any other type of reference is invalid and unofficial.



What Staff Say About Working at ABS

"I have found ABS to be a friendly workplace where excellence is always strived for. I was pleasantly surprised by the large amount of resources available in such a new school and the strong dedication made to providing quality education. Both the teaching and administration staff are supportive and helped not only with my settling into the school, but also with my transition into the country."

Dannyelle - Teacher


"As the Computer/IT teacher at ABS, not only am I using computers to work WITH our students, but I am using computers to work FOR our students. Reporting grades, weekly plans, homework, and test/quiz schedules on our ABS Edline Internet website allows students and parents constant access to this information, teaching the students more personal responsibility for their own education, and allowing parents more involvement. Parents also monitor their children with the added attendance and discipline sections of the parent login. ABS is a leading school in Kuwait with this technology."

Lana - Teacher


"I enjoy every single minute I spend teaching ABS students, because all what I need as a teacher is available and easily accessible. So creativity and innovation with regards to my increases day by day. I enjoy the latest technology in Kuwait by using the Active Board facility which encourages students to concentrate completely so teacher can utilize the whole class time in teaching and giving the required information. I am so happy to have the opportunity of working with an experienced and understandable management and staff."

Imad - Teacher


"I have been working as the Registrar at the American Bilingual School for the past 3 months. During my time here I have enjoyed the everyday experiences of meeting with parents of current students and also meeting with parents of prospective students. I find ABS a very positive and happy environment in which to work and this is reflected amongst the staff and students alike."

Helen - Administrative Staff


"Working 2 jobs and being a mother of 3 kids has been absolutely an easy task, a few of the reasons being that ABS is well resourced, every class is digitally linked via a local and an online network which makes it easy for me to get my work done at school. What's even better is working at The After School Learning Center, I can have the flexible hours I want and no plans! When you love your work you no longer have to work for a living. And I'm doing exactly that!"

Iram - Teacher


"The Promethean Active classroom is more than just a presentation system. The components are totally integrated. It is cohesive teaching solution that is easy for teachers and students to use. In addition, I am able to create exciting, interactive lessons in a fraction of the time required using traditional methods. The Promethean solution does so much more! I love using the advanced Promethean tools to enhance how I teach. Incorporating multi-media and handheld student response devices are just a few of the ways to focus student attention. The ability to create more engaging lessons increases participation, improves learning and reduces discipline problems. Learning becomes fun, and effective!"

Fares - Teacher